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Villas on this website fully comply with Government Regulations and have a Building Permit

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Sample Pricing

Here we show you some sample configurations of villa plots. These prices are for the villa, the land and all legal costs involved. Prices are excluding pools, guesthouses etc, but include road access, water supply, electricty.

At this moment of writing, April 2011, we have a few hectare available for building your villa, beach land as well as land in the hills. Land prices start at around EUR 4000 per are (100m2).

Please check for current availability of plots and locations with the email form.
Prices of the villas start at 90.000 EUR. (without land)

for US Dollar prices, multiply by 1.4 (at the moment)

Pool prices vary between 9.000 EUR and 20.000 EUR, depending on size. The average pool costs about 12.000 EUR. A guest house is about 14.500 EUR.

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