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Villa FAQ

Who are you?

Dutch Balinese cooperation, with a combined business experience of more then 25 years on Bali. Already more then 80 villas build..
Do you offer financing?

No, but payments are spread out over the period the villa is build, 5-8 months
Does owning property in Bali give me rights to a special visa?

No. But we work together with a renowned visa company that is able to give everyone owning property the right visa to live in Bali without worries. It seems to be one of the biggest concerns of people interested in living Bali, but its a no-brainer.
Is North Bali Safe to live?

There is hardly criminality here.
Can I insure my villa?

Yes. Full coverage, including natural disasters is offered by Allianz, a German / Indonesian insurance company.
How long does it take to get from the Airport to North Bali?

Around 2,5 hrs by car. Ubud is about 1,5 hrs from the North.
Is there a nearby golfcourse?

In the cool hills above, about 40 mins drive, there is the Bali Handara golf course.
What are the maintenance costs?

Depending on the size of your villa, about 150 EUR electricty, about 25 EUR water, various costs 25-50 EUR, per month. This is including the fee for the service desk who will help you with staff and maintenance, even if you are not there.
How many staff will I need and what will it cost?

Depending on the size of your villa, about 50 EUR per person per month. Usual is a maid and gardener. We advise to hire someone for security, not because its really needed, but to give the people a job.
What are the taxes I have to pay?

At the moment taxes are low, around 20 EUR a year or less. If you also want to rent out your villa, additional taxes may apply.
Is it easy to rent out my villa?

Some of the owners of the villas we have built achieve occupancy rates of 60-70 percent.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or make an appointment through the contact form.

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